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 At DT Solutions, we pride ourselves in the ability to be agile and creative in our approach. Broad experience with both large and small companies offers the skills to adapt to your individual needs. We have success in establishing and growing strategic partner relationships, implementing corporate objectives and performing in an ever changing environment. Proven ability to turn around troubled departments by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving processes.  

Consulting Services

Supply Chain

To operate a world class supply chain, effective communications and contingencies plans are key. Small cracks in the chain can bring down an entire operation. DTS can help you repair those cracks before they become troublesome.   


Buying materials today is far more complicated than it has ever been. Broad knowledge of the business and deep relationships with internal stakeholders and suppliers are integral to procurement success. DTS can help set that process.

Cost Savings

For any company to thrive, they must become more efficient. Let DTS help your organizational units recognize the difference between  paper cost savings and real cost savings and the department's role in execution for a long-term bottom line effect.

Quality Assurance

Be prepared for government and customer audits. Get your systems in place to eliminate waste. Expand your programs to meet the best in class requirements. Increase customer confidence and your company's credibility by being the best you can be.

Quality Control

Addressing compliance and quality issues while balancing the business can be extremely challenging.  Improve processes and results through statistical analysis. Let us help you renovate your existing systems and tools to maximize your overall quality.

Staffing Assistance

One of the most difficult functions within an organization is hiring the right people.   DTS will not offer you candidates. We will help streamline the process by vetting candidates so you have more confidence in growing a sound supply chain or quality staff.

About Us

Our Experience

  • 40+ years of supply chain experience
  • 20+ years in procurement
  • 15+ years of quality control/quality assurance management
  • Excellent working relationships with cross-functional teams and external partners
  • Strong cost savings program knowledge
  • Certifications: Six Sigma/Lean Green Belt, CPIM

Our Approach

  Our service includes a comprehensive examination of your operations. We will interview your stakeholders and power users to gain a complete understanding of your current and desired state. It is only then that we will begin to put together a plan to correct and improve. It is our goal to better your situation and do it in an efficient manner. Our mission is to quickly implement better ways to run your business.   

Why Us?

It is not our goal to have dozens of clients at any time. We are here to become partners with the companies that choose to do business with us. It is not our philosophy to have long-term, ongoing projects. We want to help quickly identify improvements to the process, offer solutions and help your team continue in a more effective way. You'll be working with a team invested in your success.


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